Other Miss or Mrs. Westfalls

There are a number of web pages on the Internet that refer to a Miss or Mrs. Westfall (or Westphal) who teaches kindergarten or pre-kindergarten. Some of these pages are long, so it may help to use the Ctrl+F shortcut or your web browser's Edit>Find menu choice to search for the word Westfall.

Mrs. Kristi Westfall teaches kindergarten at Fruitland Park Elementary School in Fruitland Park FL.

Miss Tammy Westfall teaches K4 (pre-kindergarten) at Wood County Christian School in Williamstown, WV.

Mrs. Jessica Westfall teaches kindergarten through 3rd grade music at Mosinee Elementary School in Mosinee, WI.

Mrs. Rori Westfall teaches kindergarten at Dreaming Summit Elementary School in Litchfield Park, AZ.

Mrs. Robin Westfall teaches pre-kindergarten at Giddings Elementary School in Giddings, TX.

Mrs. Terri Westfall teaches kindergarten at Fairfield Area Elementary School in Fairfield, PA.

Mrs. Kathy Westphal teaches kindergarten at La Tercera Elementary School in Petaluma, CA.

Mrs. Courtney Westphal teaches kindergarten at Kila Elementary School in Kila, MT.

Mrs. Westfall taught kindergarten in Dumont, NJ in the 1920s (also taught 1st; mentioned down in the text of this oral history document).

Mrs. LaVerna Westfall taught kindergarten for 43 years, mostly in Hawaii.

Mrs. Westfall's mother-in-law  is also a Mrs. Westfall

To the right is an even more special Mrs. Westfall. She taught Home Economics at Colusa High School in Colusa, CA rather than kindergarten. She is on this page because she is such a wonderful person, and is also Mrs. Westfall's husband's mother.

A Google search on "Mrs. Westfall" kindergarten finds other Mrs. Westfalls who teach different grades, or who are in staff positions in elementary schools.

There are probably other Miss or Mrs. Westfalls who teach kindergarten but are not on web pages.

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