Norwalk Brethren Elementary School yearbook picture Norwalk Brethren Elementary School is where Mrs. Westfall worked for 21 years. For most of these years she taught kindergarten in room K-B. But one year she taught 6th grade, and 10 of the students in that class were in kindergarten with her six years before.

Teaching Performance
Mrs. Westfall was recognized as an excellent teacher in all of her performance evaluations at Norwalk Brethren Elementary School. The school dedicated its yearbook for the year 2000 to her.

She graduated from UCLA in 1965 (go Bruins), and holds a lifetime teaching credential from the state of California. Because she has taken classes in teaching English as a second language, Norwalk Brethren Elementary School often placed students who spoke other languages into her classroom.

Mrs. Westfall has a daughter and a son. Katherine lives in San Francisco and is a senior vice president at Umpqua Bank. She handles commercial lending to the wine industry.

Her son Jim is a software engineer for educational management systems for Agresso. He lives and works in Oslo in Norway.

Mrs. Westfall and Mrs. Haendiges Orange County Fair quilt winner Pets
Three dogs--Natalie, Nellie, and Jonathan--live with Mrs. Westfall. (Natalie is the middle dog in the picture on the left and the picture
that moves over that picture is Nellie when she was very young.)

Mrs. Westfall also provides food to Sammy, who was born of a feral cat, and Maybe whom she inherited when her next-door neighbor moved to a senior citizens' residence. In addition she has a cockatiel named Heather Feather.

For many years she hatched quail eggs in the kindergarten classroom but she got out of the quail business when she retired. You can tell that Mrs. Westfall still loves quail by looking at her email address below. (If you want to see pictures of quail or hear quail sounds, go to these quail links.)

Sewing and Quilts
Mrs. Westfall and Mrs. Haendiges entered the quilt shown here in the Orange County Fair in 2011 on behalf of Grace Community Church of Seal Beach. Some of the work on it was done in the Needleworks Life Group which meets from 10 AM to noon on the second Saturday of each month (September through June) in the Choral Room at the church. The quilt won second prize and was also awarded the two "staff choice" ribbons you can see on the lower left of the image.

Mrs. Westfall bought a used Bernina sewing machine from her husband's mother. It hadn't been used for a while, so she had it serviced at Norwalk Vacuum+Sew. She was very pleased with Mr. Sanning's work.

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